Generally, as a tour operator we sell holiday packages (and other products/services). In addition to package holidays, we also offer other products and services such as:
Air flight tickets, tour packages and safari arrangements, Hotel reservation, Visa assistance services, Travel Insurance, Car Hire, Travel Insurance, Special Tours for people with physical disabilities, Event management, and Advice and information.

At Lobelia Tours and Travel Agency, our mission is to redefine the tourism industry in order to meet the expectations of our clients in the fast changing world. Our secret for success lies almost entirely on our highly competent, talented, professional, motivated, and experienced staff.

Lobelia Tours and Travel Agency offers the following services :

Air flight tickets

Ever since Lobelia Tours and Travel Agency registered to use Amadeus and Galileo global distribution systems, we never stop ferreting out the best prices and schedules for our customers while booking their airline tickets and reserving favorite seats. In the same respect, we recommend the best routing itineraries for our customers after taking into account how long they have to stay at the intermediate point waiting for their next flight as well as in relation to the transiting visa requirements.

Tour packages and safari arrangements

Besides designing itineraries and travel schedules that mesh with our clients' interests, we create specialty tour packages and to that matter serve as the tour guide. It doesn't matter whether it is a luxury safari, or a long trek out in the wild. Furthermore, our team of professionals puts at your disposal a platform offering a one-stop shopping for all your travel arrangements to the destination of your choice.

Hotel reservation services

Lobelia Tours and Travel Agency has entered into an agreement with several hotels in Kigali and outside of Kigali as well as major online hotel booking websites for our international travelers. As a result of that agreement, we can find you a good hotel deal among the properties we work with at an affordable rate either in Kigali or in whatever city you are traveling to. Besides that, we are also able to find you a good deal with another accommodation which is not necessarily a hotel facility.

Visa assistance services

We understand that the processes of applying for a visa to a particular country may be tiresome, time-consuming and even more a complicated move to go through that some people may at times decide to let it go. Lobelia Tours and Travel Agency has brought together a team of consultants who can assist from the very time of preparing your application dossier up to the time your visa is provided. Our team of professionals have years of experience of providing competent, efficient, reliable and personalized service to our clientele in Rwanda. Our workforce is composed of a committed team of result driven experts, available to assist you, your spouse or relative with their visa formalities, procedures and problems.
We specialize in providing advice with regard to all types of visas to the United Kingdom, USA, Schengen Countries, Australia, New Zealand, Dubai, China and many other countries.

Car rental services

This is one of the aspects of the transport sector which has been significantly left aside in Rwanda. If you are planning an unforgettable trip to Rwanda's capital, Lobelia Tours and Travel Agency helps you to pick up a car rental in Kigali and discover this vibrant gem for yourself. Kigali is a small, a growing city bursting with different attractions, all easily discoverable with a car rental service. It goes without saying that Kigali is a perfect place to unwind and relax, thanks to its high level of security, cleanliness and order on top of having no true traffic jam unlike Nairobi or Kampala where you can spend hours and hours stranded in a jam at peek hours. As a matter of fact, when you rent one of our fleet of cars, Lobelia Tours and Travel Agency helps you to discover the surrounding lush green landscapes and majestic hills and mountains in the outskirts of Kigali and elsewhere in Rwanda. Our fleet of cars are air-Conditioned, dependable, Chauffeur-driven or not with Airport pickup and drop-Off Service according to your wishes. With us, our drivers are a cut above the rest when it comes to safety, honesty, dependability and impeccable customer care.

Travel Insurance

When traveling as part of work or school, holidays or for whatever reason you are traveling, you will agree with us that chances of facing a whole series of new risks for which you may be unprepared grows tenfold. When that that travel brings you out of the country however, those risks are even considerably higher. Lobelia Tours and Travel Agency is here to assist you and others in your group to have access to a wide range of different sources covering you during your travel thus ensuring your safety and comfort.

Special Tours for people with disabilities

Lobelia Tours and Travel Agency is proud to be the only Rwandan tour company which specializes in accessible travel. Whether you are a wheelchair traveler, slow walker or a mature traveler with special needs, Lobelia Tours and Travel Agency is dedicated to ensuring that your journeys are smooth, barrier-free and fun tour experiences.
Our dedication and passion are used to offer outstanding tourism packages and services designed for the physically or mentally challenged travelers, their families and friends making all areas of Rwanda and East Africa accessible to them. Whilst the staff at Lobelia Tours and Travel Agency is convinced that this type of services comes along with different particular challenges, yet we bear in mind that in a today globalized world, accessible tourism is the ongoing endeavor to ensure tourist destinations, products and services are accessible to all people, regardless of their physical limitations, special needs, disabilities or age. It encompasses all types of local tourist locations.
Briefly put, with a combined expertise and guidance from other experts in various fields, Lobelia Tours and Travel Agency can assist you in planning a vacation that goes beyond the visual realm.

Event management and organisation

In a complex world we live in today, we understand that people are into too much activities to properly put in place everything needed for a successful event, all by themselevs. It is in this regard that Lobelia Tours and Travel Agency is helping people overcome that challenge by assisting them to arrange customized events, and by that we mean any kind of event like small or big meetings, conventions or destination weddings, honeymoon, etc

Advice and information

We believe that travelers can still arrange their holidays without necessarily having to pass through us. However, that trend is simply “wandering” and not “traveling” because with us you travel like a local and we all agree that every traveler wishes to travel like a local. In order to help you reach those corners known to only locals, we coordinate the million or so other details necessary to ensure that nothing is left unexplored. On top of that, we advise our clients about passport/visa requirements, inoculation needs and other domestic and international travel requirements for them to go wherever they want without any unfortunate incident en route. Noteworthy to mention is that Lobelia Tours and Travel Agency acts as a travelers' advocate like for instance fighting for consumers' rights; assisting travelers with special needs,and naturally intervening with suppliers when problems arise, etc.