Kigali International Airport (IATA: KGL, ICAO: HRYR), formerly known as Gregoire Kayibanda International Airport, but today known as the Kigali International Airport and sometimes referred to as the Kanombe International Airport, is the primary airport serving Kigali, the capital of Rwanda. It is the main air gateway for all destinations in the country, and in addition serves as a transit airport for Goma and Bukavu in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo.

A valid passport is mandatory.

Separate Visas are required to enter Rwanda – they can be obtained before your arrival from any Embassy, Consulate or Diplomatic Mission of Rwanda (as appropriate), or at your port of entry into the country (Kigali International Airport and other border entry points).

Kigali International Airport is the major gateway to Rwanda. There are also several domestic and local airstips throughout both countries served by regional airlines and charter companies. You can get a visa in 3 hours. See Visa Requirements.